Scorp. 22 years old. Bisexual. Chicana. Cis. Psych major. Writer. Geek. Feminist. Hufflepuff. Multishipper. And Heather is my soulmate.

I like: serial killers and superheroes. humans who are monsters deep down and monsters clawing for their humanity. people finding hope and each other in the dark. I like stories about fictional incest, codependency, corrupt small towns, emotionally traumatized teenagers, and saving the world.

Fandoms: From Dusk Till Dawn. A Song of Ice and Fire. Teen Wolf. The Vampire Diaries. Les Miserables. Elementary. MCU. Parks & Recreation. Shameless US. Breaking Bad. Justified. Orphan Black. Graceland. The Hunger Games. Pacific Rim. Many more.

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FOR SAPPHO: a playlist for the ninth muse, Sappho; a song for a song of hers.

Solon of Athens heard his nephew sing a song of Sappho’s over the wine and, since he liked the song so much, he asked the boy to teach it to him. When someone asked him why, he said: “So that I may learn it, then die.”
— the Florilegium (3.29.58) of Stobaeus.

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stelena + cute moments

stelena + cute moments

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sorrow found me when i was young

sorrow waited / sorrow won

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