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I like: serial killers and superheroes. humans who are monsters deep down and monsters clawing for their humanity. people finding hope and each other in the dark. I like stories about fictional incest, codependency, corrupt small towns, emotionally traumatized teenagers, and saving the world.

Fandoms: From Dusk Till Dawn. A Song of Ice and Fire. Teen Wolf. The Vampire Diaries. Les Miserables. Elementary. MCU. Parks & Recreation. Shameless US. Breaking Bad. Justified. Orphan Black. Graceland. The Hunger Games. Pacific Rim. Many more.

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ok im wide awake again

here’s a twitter list that updates frequently w different ppl and journalists tweets. it’s really handy because info circulates slower on tumblr (i saw day old news is just getting around today) especially if you dont have access to / dont trust mainstream media. i don’t believe you need an account to view it.

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Tear gas 



Do not wear contact lenses if you are in a situation where you may be tear-gassed.  When I went through basic training, we were warned that there was a possibility the tear gas they were using could melt contact lenses.


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Bela is so shippable man why aren’t there a million crossovers of her (i have shipped her with Saffron from Firefly for yeeeaaaars)
Bela is just the kind of character that can slip into so many canons, I am sad there’s not enough crossover fic. BELA/SAFFRON, omg. Like Crossover or a fusion fic where Bela is a supernatural collector in Firefly’s verse because like. Bela stealing ships, man.

loisfreakinglane whispered, "CAN I HAVE SETH/BELA FIRST KISS now u made me want that ship TOO MUCH"

Their first kiss: 

OH GOSH. I am not sure man, because I think they spent a lot of time fighting because of class issues differences (Bela is really upper class or presents as such, at least, while Seth is really working class, so I imagine they clash on that a lot, and both of them have their respective tragic backstory but like they’re gonna tell each other that)

but eventually they pool their resources to work together for a job because the payoff is really good for them both, and both of them are really competent smooth talker charmers. 

Anyway, job gets done, etc, Bela turns to Seth and is all “Thanks for the help, handsome,” and kisses him before walking off into the sunset with her money. Because she just had to get in a kiss.

And Seth is left behind like the bond girl in an action movie, all “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?”

(then later they can hook up post FDTD S1 while Seth is all wandering around aimlessly and is know aware about the supernatural. Assuming Bela is alive; because why shouldn’t she, okay)

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lol i appreciate that last one more than i should

oh man because of incest babies or just messy baby fic in general? For awhile there was this trend in TVD fandom where everyone insisted Elena was the most maternal person ever and kept giving her kids in fic and I just got really pissed off and annoyed and wanted the most awful kind of baby/pregnancy fic. 

OH GOD I WANT ALL OF THOSE CROSSOVERS what’s your jeremy ship in the teen wolf one?

oh gosh man I have a lot of potential ideas but the main ship I was thinking of is Elena/Allison tbh. Like, idk i wanna write the fic where the Argents and Gilberts are cousins (werewolf hunters vs vampire hunters, respectively) so Elena/Allison is…cousincest, but I am into it. Jeremy just comes into play because if Argents are cousins, then he can go there instead of Colorado when Elena sends him away and then end up training with Allison some more instead. Also I like hunter siblings Allison/Jeremy for some reason (I am not sure if I ship that but I could be convinced?).

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I love all of these omg

Thank you! :)

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aaaah OTP for life tbh. I didn’t even know you were into it (unless you’re just indulging me. Which. Thank you, I have been in a huge Jeremy/Elena kink lately)

  • Fake dating: Gosh they’re not really the types of siblings who get mistaken for couples but sometimes Jeremy kisses Elena on the neck so random strangers mistake them for a couple when Jeremy is clinging to Elena in public and they just…roll with it. Especially if it’s an AU where the two of them have run away from Mystic Falls and there’s no reason to tell anyone they’re siblings.
  • Bodyswap: It’s clearly a magic spell gone horribly wrong. Like, ideally (by which I mean, the most exciting/terrible way), it’d happen sometime in S4, so Elena now suddenly has all these hunter urges and keeps trying to kill Jeremy-in-her-body and Jeremy now has all these baby vampire urges he’s not equipped to control. MAXIMUM PAIN AND TRAUMA ENSUES? 
  • Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it: Well I don’t like most “fuck or die” or “aliens made them do it” scenarios. So sex pollen! Which has the potential to be super traumatizing, god. Like I ship them hard but I imagine if they weren’t a thing already, having that be the first time would be awful (Jeremy/Elena is kinda of a weirdly delicate ship to me, idk). 
  • Dark!fic: This ship is secretly mega dark given she’s violated his mind several times. But in terms of dark fic, god, sometimes I really wanted Elena to accidentally (or NOT accidentally, it can be intentional) turn Jeremy in S4 (she gave him her blood at least once, it can happen) and him regaining his memories of what she’s had erased and then just being awful and upset and mad about everything—mad at being lied to and mad at what Elena did and just being self-destructive and terrible. I don’t really see them turning against each other, but I am picture murder roadtrips and Jeremy deliberately antagonizing Elena and the switch getting flipped, so welp.
  • Secret kinks: Jeremy has a thing for Elena feeding off him, okay. I don’t think he even thinks it’s weird, given he was cool with Anna doing it, but people look at him funny for it and he just justifies it as ~helping~ Elena (Jeremy always has a kink for being fed off, lbr).
  • Their first kiss: I’m a bad person who sees it as unquestionably some kind of hinky kissing happening the summer after their parents died. I don’t see it as a big thing they talk about, they probably went into denial about it right after but I imagine Jeremy comes home in the middle of the night, drunk and/or high and accidentally mistakes Elena’s bed for his own. Elena’s past the point of being worried about him and just relived he’s back and cuddles him and Jeremy leans in to kiss her on the cheek and gets on the lips. And it’s weirdly comfortable and they don’t want to talk about it.
  • Meeting the parents: LOL well. Did Jeremy meet Isobel, I am not sure. I am pretty sure she wouldn’t like her very much though.
  • Moving in together: UM WELL JEREMY JUST RECENTLY MOVED OUT TBH so it’s not like they haven’t been living together. But my ideal eternal AU is Jeremy/Elena run off together some time mid S4, so maybe they get a little crummy apartment in some nowhere town and live together for awhile, yep.
  • A crossover of my choice: Sometimes I want the AU where Seth and Richie kidnap Jeremy, Elena and Jenna on a roadtrip pre TVD S1 instead of the Fullers. And sometimes I want the AU where Richie & Santanico, or Seth OR ONE OF THEM run into Jeremy/Elena on the run from Klaus in some AU S4, and idk, ~sibling issues~ ensue. And sometimes I want the AU where the Gilberts are cousins to the Argents and Jeremy gets sent to live with Allison when Elena sends him away, the but that’s for another ship entirely.
  • An au of my choice: So when Jeremy comes back at the end of Season 4, I kind wanted there to be legit consequences for him coming back, so I felt Jeremy should come back as a sort of zombie who has to eat people to not rot. Somehow this still involves Jeremy/Elena.
  • If you like, another trope/scenario of your choice: I kinda always wanted awful baby fic with Jeremy/Elena. Like, they have really ill-advised sex without a condom and then Elena gets pregnant and it’s terrible for reasons. I feel like she’d want to abort (partly because I CAN’T HAVE A KID reasons she is a teenager, and partly because I think she straight up wants to end the Petrova line) but Jeremy wants to keep it because they don’t have anymore family and he’s fucked up. No one is happy (I dislike babyfic most of the time but I kinda love if it’s awful and messy).


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eizamusica@Jesse2theG @MadMadieD wait….. Im confused (x)

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5/19/14 - Eiza Gonzalez + Wilmer Valderrama on the set of ‘Extra’ in LA.


5/19/14 - Eiza Gonzalez + Wilmer Valderrama on the set of ‘Extra’ in LA.

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